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Home Screen

You begin by selecting a Phase

  • Phase 1 is for beginners.

  • Phase 2 is for those who have completed Phase 1 or are competent enough to skip it

Phase 1 tracklist

Phase 1 consists of short Spanish lessons and stories

  • The first track (1) describes Phase 1 and provides information on how to use it.

  • The next 4 tracks (2) are short Spanish lessons. Altogether, they make up 20 minutes of audio.

  • The next track (3) is a short Spanish story. The special thing about the story is that it is written using only words you have been taught up to the point. Notice how it only takes 20 minutes of lessons audio for you to receive Spanish content you can understand!

Phase 2 tracklist

Phase 2 consists of special Spanish stories​. There are 2 things that make the stories special

  • Most (<90%) of the words in any story will be words you have been taught or are expected to understand.

  • New words are introduced in the stories and repeated across the stories at a rate that is designed to teach you the new words from you just consuming the stories.

Story play screen


  • The (Spanish) audio track of the story plays while the Spanish transcript of the audio is on the left (1) and the English translation of the transcript is on the right (2).

  • You can adjust play speed (3) from 0.7 to 1.3 normal speed.

  • Above the transcripts is a list of words and phrases (4). Except for the words in this list, every other word in the story is a word you are expected to know. The number of words in the list is usually less than 5% of the word count of the story.


Try Cascade Spanish for Free!

As part of the free package:

  • Your first Spanish story after just 20 minutes audio.

  • Expect 100% comprehension.

  • No signup required.

  • Entertainment value in Spanish that you have only ever gotten in English.

Cascade Spanish Phase Selection screen.j

Privacy policy:

At the time of writing (25th June, 2020), Cascade Languages does not collect any personal information. Users will be informed if this changes.

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