Cascade Languages is an Australian media company that teaches languages. Cascade Languages was born out of the founder’s low satisfaction with contemporary language teaching products and services. Learning a language, even with the very best resources of our times has required a lot of time, hard work and dedication. It was of the opinion of the founder that it shouldn't take so long and that it shouldn't be so hard. Cascade Languages was founded to be proof of that.

The first offering of Cascade Languages is the mobile application Cascade Spanish. Cascade Spanish is a content streaming platform that teaches Spanish. In the research and development stage of Cascade Spanish it was realised that native content in the language one is learning is an essential ingredient in learning a language. If a product is to play a big role in teaching people Spanish, it must provide them with hours and hours of Spanish content. Not only that, it is preferable that the content be appropriate and ideal for language learning purposes. Content made for native speakers is in-ideal for language learning and a pain to use. Ideal content needs to be tailor made for learning purposes and be easy to use. This is exactly what Cascade Spanish delivers.

Ideal content though ideal, on its own is not enough. With no knowledge of Spanish, Spanish content is of no use to students. Students need to have a good starting knowledge of Spanish for Spanish content to be of any use to them. Cascade Spanish offers tailor-made content but it also has a way of quickly and effectively equipping beginners with the starting knowledge they need for the content to be useful. 

Privacy policy:

At the time of writing (25th June, 2020), Cascade Languages does not collect any personal information. Users will be informed if this changes.

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