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So, you are learning a new language and you want to know how to select new words to learn. Here is the perfect method for doing so: 


The perfect way involves a crystal ball. Take the crystal ball and look into your future. As you do so, make a list of all the words you will use or need in the future. Not only that, tally the number of times you will need or use each word. Look through a certain period of your future, say a month or so and at the end analyse your list. 


To identify the words you should learn, sort the list by tally size from highest to lowest. The words at the top of the sorted list are the words you should select. 


There you are, that is the perfect way of selecting words to learn. You look into the future and you select the words you will need the most in the future. The reason this is the perfect way is because it identifies the words you will definitely need. There is no guessing involved and you aren’t just selecting words from a list you found on the internet. You are only selecting what you know for sure you will need.


Ok, there is a problem with the method, you may have noticed it. The method involves a crystal ball that can look into the future. No one has access to such a device. The method is perfect but it is not a method anyone can use.


. . . and there boys and girls is the message of this article. It is impossible to learn words perfectly. You have no option but to use an imperfect method. 


The question then is, “what is the best imperfect method for selecting words to learn?” Well, that is an article for another day.

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