A Spanish Adventure

Spanish flag.png

You are on the shores of a new land in search of adventure. We promise you a new experience and you will indeed experience one. Being a tenderfoot, still wet behind the ears, we need to prepare you and equip you for the experience. Don’t worry though, the preparation won’t be lengthy and it won’t all be at once.


The first bit of Spanish adventure we promise you is called 'A Constitution in need of modernising'. It is a short dialogue in Spanish and our promise is that you will be able to understand it on your own. As far as preparation for the adventure, there is step 1a and step 1b. The steps will teach you all you need to understand 'A constitution in need of modernising' and they should take you 15 - 30 minutes to complete. All you have to do is complete them as they are meant to be completed and you’ll be fully equipped for your first bit of Spanish adventure. All other adventure is by the same process. Take the first step.

More coming soon