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Sp Stage 1.png

This is where the adventure begins.


Promises, people make them all the time. Having said that, we are going to make you our first promise. We promise that in under 20 minutes, we can teach you enough Spanish to  100% understand a short Spanish story.

(oh, and its all completely free and there are in fact 30 stories)


All you have to do is start.

Sp Stage 2.png

Stage 2 is a continuation of Stage 1. The adventure continues.

30 more Spanish short stories for you to enjoy. You saw what we can do in Stage 1. Continue on to Stage 2 to learn more Spanish and to consume more stories.

Sp Stage 3.png

More stories and more promises.


In previous stages, we promised 100% understanding. In this stage we promise high comprehension (95+ %) and make another promise. We promise that you will learn new Spanish words by just consuming the stories. This is because new words are introduced in the stories and repeated across the stories at a high rate. How high a rate ? Click here to read more.

Sp Stage 4.png

Are you still here? You must like our stories.

Stage 4 is more of the same. Comprehension guarantees, word learning via high word repetition and enjoyable stories. You've come this far, so you know what you are getting. 

sp S4 indie.png

Different yet familiar. 

Let's do something different. Little Red Riding Hood, The mice and the bell, The Tortoise and the Hare. You are familiar with these stories, right ? Want to read and listen to them in Spanish? Stage 4 is where you do so. 


oh, like all our stories, they come with comprehension guarantees (and a twist).

Sp Stage 5.png

What if Jack had not died ?

If Macbeth had a sequel, what would it look like ?

Romeo and Juliet faked their deaths, did you know ?

In Spanish, with comprehension guarantees and high word repetition.

Sp (5) smorg.png

A few words for numbers, animals, parts of the body, household items and food items.

All with comprehension guarantees and high word repetition.

Go here to read more about our comprehension guarantees.

Go here to read more about our high word repetition.

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